Questions To Ask Roofing Contractors

Roofing has a significant impact on long-term habitability, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. As a homeowner, when you are hiring a roofing contractor, you must ask them specific questions to ensure you’re getting the best to work on your home’s projects.

1.    Are you an insured and licensed contractor?

You have to ask your contractor this first to ensure that he/she is a trustworthy and legal contractor and secondly, that they have coverage just in case something goes wrong during your project. You don’t want to end up paying for property damages or injuries in case of unforeseen accidents.

2.    Do you require a down payment?

It is essential to know the payment structure because several contractors take an advance sum before the work begins. Down payments are typically used to purchase the materials and pay for labor, however if a company demands the entire cost upfront, you may want to ask some extra questions.

3.    Do you have any warranty?

Finding out what your manufactures warranty and what your contractors installation warranty covers is something you’ll definitely want to know before signing the dotted line. Improper installation can void manufacture warranty so picking a contractor that warrants their work product will help give you peace of mind that your roof will be properly installed and repaired if need be.

4.    Can you tell a bit more about the company?

Knowing how long a company has been in business can help you estimate the level of experience they have. Also, a sound reputation will assure you of their authenticity and expertise before you sign the contract.

We’ve all heard horror stories of homeowners falling victim to scammers who knock on doors to collect money for hail and wind storm roof damages then soon disappear after collecting funds with the homeowners still stuck with damaged roofs and no money to repair them.

Check reviews online of your prospective contractors and seek references if you still have doubts.

5.    When will you deliver the materials and dumpster and pick them up?

Getting a timeframe for when to expect things is a nice thing to know for your own scheduling purposes. Ask when the dumpster and materials will be delivered.

Let your roofer know of any special circumstances or locations you do not want things set ahead of time. We strive to have the materials and dumpster reach you before the work begins, and collect the dumpster the very next day after the project completes on every project.

Final Thoughts

When you’re hiring a roofing contractor make sure to ask questions. Do your due diligence and research the roofer that will be working on your home, your roof is one of the most important elements of your home and making sure it is properly done is essential to the longevity of your home. Lastly, if you have concerns about your project address them early so that you and your roofer can make a plan on how to address those aspects of your job.