2021 Roofing Trends

2020 was quite an uneventful year, as we all agree, so it is only right to give your home a fresh look. Here are the flooring and roofing trends of 2021 you need to know.

1.    Mix and Match

2021 promises to be a year of versatility, and we can expect a trend of mix and match textures and materials for the exteriors. If you’re planning on updates for the roofing, you can consider metal roof panels or dormers. You can opt for a variety of colors and choose materials to compliment your existing roof materials.

Among the 2021 trends, we see a lot of cedar shingle siding, batten board, and natural stone.

2.    Color Swap

Flooring trends are going to see some brilliant color swaps in 2021. We will see vibrant blues, warm golds, and soothing greens, and you can add these for a timeless appeal in your new floor plan. If you want a natural wood finishing on your floor, for example, try blending it with golden tones. You will love the natural warmth effect.

Similarly, natural green or a vibrant blue will add a new burst of energy to your floors too.

3.    Energy-Saving Roofs

This is a popular trend, and more people are opting for energy-saving roofs. Solar energy, for example, is a rampaging trend among home designers, and we recommend the sustainable energy trend too. It is not only cheap but also versatile, so you can add the materials to your roof r panels in the form of solar shingles and tiles.

And of course, besides saving tons of money, they offer visual appeal.

4.    Green Roofs

In addition to energy-saving roof options, we’re seeing a lot of green roofs trending since the beginning of 2021 as well. This is not exactly a new trend, but it has only gained worldwide popularity recently. With modern touches, you will see lots of commercial buildings showing green rooftops with stunning scenes.

You will find a breathtaking array of vegetation and waterproof layering on many homes and buildings. Apart from being visually pleasing, green roofs are also eco-friendly and beneficial for health. These can provide potential flooding in your home but efficiently absorbing rainwater or preventing it.

In the summers, these green roofs also provide a natural shade and keep the interiors cool. And the best advantage yet is how durable green roofs are.

Final thoughts

The roofing and flooring industry is continuously evolving, and we’re going to be seeing a lot more trends and innovations in the later part of 2021. From sustainable and eco-friendly materials to embracing an outdoorsy and natural look, there’s a lot of creativity in store for us from the roofing and flooring gurus.