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5 reasons roof repairs are important [Roof Maintence]

Five reasons roof repairs are important | New Roofs Inc. The roof is one of the most important features in a home, and it’s often a build and forget installment. Although some roofing contractors may assure you that your roof’s strength and validity are timeless, it sometimes succumbs to wear and tear as time goes by. The only… Read more »

Effects of a Roof on a Home’s Value (Buying and Selling)

Effects of a Roof on a Home’s Value (Buying and Selling) A home with a new roof will likely be worth more than one without, and vice versa. While the age of a roof is not the only factor determining a home’s value, it is one consideration that buyers and sellers should consider. A Wise… Read more »

6 Reasons to work with a local roofing company

Roofing repairs and replacement are popular services globally. However, you don’t need to stress yourself working with a faraway roofing contractor.  With little effort, you can get a reliable local roofing company to handle your roofing hassles. Read on to see why you should go with a local roofing company. 6 Reasons to go with… Read more »

Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options [That are actually good]

Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options As the fight against the climate crisis continues, homeowners are looking for more ways to make their houses sustainable. Fortunately, professional roofing companies offer environmentally friendly roofing options that offer benefits for both the earth and your home. Going green with your roof goes further than simply using resource-efficient… Read more »

6 Reasons you should hire a roofing contractor in Waukesha, WI.

Why you should hire a roofing contractor in Waukesha, WI. Do you fear when the local news announces an incoming rain or when the news reporter forecasts heavy storms due to your faulty roof, and you’re in great need of a roofing contractor?  As a homeowner, you know the nightmares a faulty roof can cause in… Read more »

Does Your Roof Need more Ventilation? [Save on your energy bill]

Does Your Roof Need more Ventilation? Having adequate ventilation for your roof is essential for your house’s health. Proper roofing ventilation can help keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Additionally, it will help regulate the moisture in the attic, protect your belongings from mold, and increase the longevity of… Read more »

5 Things You Need To Do To Your Roof This Spring

The snow has melted, the sun is shining, and nature is coming back to life. Spring is here and these vibrant days inspire us to get up and do our annual spring cleaning. This year, we encourage you to put some focus and energy on your home’s most important protective barrier. Some light roof maintenance… Read more »

DIY vs. Professional Roofing [Can you really do it yourself?]

DIY vs. Professional Roofing When it comes to a roof repair or replacement, the urge to do it yourself may be tempting. Completing a project yourself offers you the perk of saving money and the gratification of completing the job on your own. While we can fully respect both of these points as contractors ourselves,… Read more »

How Long Does Roof Repair Take

Whether you need a roof repair or full roof replacement, it can take some time, from waiting for good weather to hiring the experts and saving funds for the necessary costs. Despite the intricacies of the process, you do not need to move out of your home or relocate for a couple of days. On… Read more »